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Frequently Asked Questions

Treasure Chest Gun Shop & Shooting Range invites you to “try before you buy” with our wide selection of rental firearms. We also offer Full-Auto and Specialty rentals for those days when you feel the need to see more freedom seeds flying than you can count! 

Browse our lists below to find the best fit for you and contact us when you are ready. Our knowledgeable staff will aim you in the right direction on your next rental. Treasure Chest Gun Shop & Shooting Range has something for everyone!



You must be 18 years of age to purchase rifle/shotgun ammunition or rifles/shotguns. You must be 21 years of age to purchase handgun ammunition or handguns.

Yes! We offer firearm transfer and NFA transfers. Fill out our Transfer form to have our FFL sent to the correct seller.

We have an in-store kiosk that takes care of all necessary forms, fingerprints, and photos to obtain a silencer, full-auto, SBS, SBR, Etc.


Some advanced classes will require prerequisites, if this is necessary it will be noted in the description on the class you are looking at.

Yes! Send an email to [email protected] to inquire about this!


You don’t have to be present to win, but we recommend it!

You can purchase as many tokens as there are available, but hurry before they run out!

Live Rundowns will generally release the same day that the tokens sell out. If not, the webinar will be scheduled the next day.

Please review our full list of rules that can be found at

All firearms must be received through a Federal Firearm Licensee.


Yes! We are open to the public; however, we also offer store memberships that allow for additional discounts that could be a great benefit for you! See Range Membership Info Here

$14 per lane, we allow up to 3 shooters per lane, the 2nd shooter fee is $7.98 (3 shooters in 1 lane would cost $29.96)

You must be 18 years or older to shoot unaccompanied. Anyone under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Of course, we are huge proponents of children being active in the firearms industry! There is no set age limit in our range. If the child is safe, understands firearm safety and is accompanied by a parent or guardian we will allow them to shoot. (If we witness unsafe practices we WILL step in and correct accordingly).

All shooters of age must have State/Government issued ID.

You bet! We enjoy sharing our freedoms of gun ownership with those from other parts of the world. Please come to the range and let us know and we will get you checked in and show you the whole process!

We offer 6 25-yard lanes with electronic carriers that can set distances in 1-foot increments.

We allow all handgun cartridges and rifles up to 308win. We also allow shotguns with the exception of slugs ONLY.

We do not have a “dress code” however we do recommend that you plan accordingly as there is hot brass coming out of firearms and can potentially burn you in places you may not want burned!

Yes! Members are allowed to make reservations online ahead of their arrival!

Yes, cameras are allowed, please maintain the privacy and safety of others around you while using the camera.

100% required, we also have eye and ear protection for rent if you forgot or don’t have your own!

We strongly encourage everyone to be comfortable and safe, so please let the Range Officer know upon check-in and we will assist you.

Absolutely! Bring your own firearms and shoot or rent from our fleet and see what your next purchase should be!!

Yes, you are allowed to bring in your own ammunition. We also have ammunition available for purchase at the range. Remember NO Steel Case or Steel Core Ammunition.

Yes, you can! We also have full-auto rentals available to rent.

We allow 1 handed shooting unless we see unsafe practices in which we will step in and correct. We do not allow drawing from the holster unless you are in a training class that is teaching this technique.

Absolutely not, this is real life not a video game or movie…

We do allow LEAD pellet guns, BBs are NOT allowed for safety reasons.

Black powder firearms are NOT Allowed.

A total of 3 shooters per lane is allowed.

$7.98 per additional shooter with 2 additional shooters max.

Yes! We allow private instruction in our range. Please talk with the Range Safety Officer and we can make arrangements for you.